Aileen Carreto


About Street Sneak

In my capstone project, Street Sneak, I developed a platform that will connect both worlds of street art and sneakers and turn them into one. The platform is Street Sneak’s website where users can find everything I have created for it. On the website, users will be able to look into the latest news in street art and sneakers or learn more about Street Sneak's brand. As well as being able to interact with our shop page by purchasing a stamp, stickers, and/or the subscription box.


Overall, Street Sneak has that street aesthetic to portray that fun, entertaining, and bright environment that it has to offer. My capstone project means the world to me because these two categories have been my main interests for years and to finally create something big out of it, is such an accomplishment. I am happy to share with you all my vision, Street Sneak. 


Thanks for visiting! Feel free to check out more of my work here: